As its name clearly suggests, Play Random Section Of MP3 Files Software is a simple utility designed to provide you with the means to randomly listen to section of music files in MP3 format.

The application works like a simple MP3 player, except that it does not load the entire track, but automatically selects an interval and plays it before moving on to the next song. This way, you can get a glimpse at your playlist without having to manually jump throughout a song or switching to another music file.

Creating your playlist can be done by adding MP3 files one by one or simply choosing a folder where your music library is located and letting Play Random Section Of MP3 Files Software to identify compatible files and import them.

The main window comprises basic playback control options, enabling you to easily stop, start, pause and resume playback, as well as quickly select the next or the previous MP3 file. All these commands have keyboard combinations assigned to them, so you can execute them without using the mouse.

There are a few other settings that you can customize, such as the number of seconds that the player will load files for, the default volume level and the so-called 'Random Option', which is similar to the 'Shuffle' function in standard players.

Play Random Section Of MP3 Files Software makes it easy for you to go through a list of music files without manually switching from one song to another. Other than that, its feature set is not impressive, since it is merely similar to that of a plain MP3 player.