PlayIt Live is an audio software application designed specifically for helping DJs play songs manually or automatically by setting up playout rules and patterns for a unified sound.

In order to use the program, you are required to create an online account which can be set up by following the steps displayed in the primary panel.

The tool lets you switch between two different player modes, namely Decks (emulates a classic chart machine) and Live-Assist (reveals a small number of playing options with a queue of tracks).

The user interface in divided into several areas which offer quick access to the track list, notification bar (displays messages if tracks are invalid or other important data), playout log (found only in the Live-Assist mode for revealing the list of track items to be queued), and master controls (available in the Live-Assist mode for activating the manual, semi-auto, or auto audio session).

You can also make use of QuickCarts which represent one-touch instant players built specifically for helping you apply additional sound effects (jingles).

PlayIt Live gives you the possibility to load tracks into the workspace using the drag-and-drop support or the built-in file importer which enables you to select how to add new songs (individual files or folders), analyse the silence in tracks for setting the appropriate cue in and out points, as well as choose the folders (and include subdirectories).

Additionally, you can edit the audio files before importing them into the primary panel in terms of artist, title, out cue, genre, and other details. What’s more, you can filter the songs by name or duration, manage the playout using the Play, Pause, Stop, and Eject buttons, as well as build up track groups and create a new category made up from different groups.

Last but not least, you can enhance the program’s functionality with the aid of plugins, set up playout policies for not playing the same audio file or artist for a user-defined time, assign the rules to a group, as well as activate the Playout Pattern option for selecting the way tracks are played.

All in all, PlayIt Live proves to be a reliable automated playout system that comes bundled with a powerful suite of features backed up by an intuitive interface, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.