When talking about media servers, Plex is one of the top choices of many, as it brings together the personal multimedia library, movies, TV and web shows, news and podcasts. You can enjoy all this on your Windows workstation by using Plex for Windows, the desktop client for the Plex Media Server.

Instead of accessing the media server and the Plex streamed content via a web browser, as you do when loading the Plex Media Server, with Plex for Windows you are using a standalone application to browse all the available media content.

The main window of Plex for Windows displays a side menu where you can choose what to watch or listen to: movies and shows, live TV, web shows, news, podcasts, music on Tidal, or your own multimedia collection found in the personal library.

You can view the live TV scheduled programs, browse the most popular shows and recently added movies and enjoy watching whatever you prefer using the built-in multimedia player. Furthermore, you can get access to the latest news and headlines directly in Plex for Windows, so there is no need for another third-party application.

Plex picks podcasts, movies and other media for you, so you get to easily discover interesting content, which can be then saved in your personal collection and sorted in different categories.

If you are logged in, Plex for Windows can easily connect to the Plex Media Server to import your personal libraries. In other words, you can access photos, movies and music from your personal collection from the Windows application. The multimedia content can be displayed by date in a timeline.

You can create as many libraries as you need in Plex for Windows, and they all will be synchronized with the Plex Media Server. Furthermore, you can create playlists and pin categories and libraries to the main window for one-click access to your favorite content.

Plex for Windows brings together online streamed content and multimedia files in your personal libraries, allowing you to enjoy all the media you love from a single desktop application. Whether you want to enjoy a TV show, listen to podcasts or relax watching a movie, Plex for Windows is a good choice.