Pocket Control is a piece of software that can help you use your iOS device as a webcam for your computer. With it you can connect it to your PC through a wireless network and stream video content to a third party application that forwards it.

Pocket Control can stream only if it is installed on both your computer and the mobile phone. So, after you get the app for your iOS device you can easily install the PC client in order to run the service.

Installing Pocket Control is done with the classic Wizard installer which takes you through every step of the process. Once that is done you can access its main window, run the service, view the IP address and configure various settings.

Pocket Control relies on third party applications, such as Skype which can use webcams, if you want to stream the video feed over the Internet. Until you install one or connect to it, the application offers you a ‘Video’ tab in its main window which you can use to preview the feed.

From a configuration point of view, there’s not much to Pocket Control. After the installation process successfully ends and you run the server, the only things you can do are to stop or run the service, view the IP address, select to log events and set a new port number.

Apart from this, the Pocket Control main window offers you a tab in which you can view the total amount of data transferred from the microphone along with that delivered to the headphones.

In closing, though Pocket Control doesn’t indulge you with any kind of advanced features and has a rather large image delay, it does help you to easily create a virtual webcam which you can use anytime you want.