Pocket DVD Wizard is an application that can help you transfer DVD content and video files to your portable devices, such as your Pocket PC, Portable Media Center and Windows CE, by converting the files into a format that can be read by them.

The user interface is clean, and appeals even to less experienced users. The application provides two different options for helping you convert files into a format that is accepted by handheld devices, namely a DVD converter and a video converter.

Obviously, for the first option, you should insert a DVD into your PC’s drive and then continue with the conversion process. Unfortunately, you cannot drag and drop the video file into the main window, so have to use the browse button. It supports the following file formats: AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV and VOB.

Once you have added the video file to the queue, you can select the device you want to prepare it for from a comprehensive list (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry Storm, and many others).

It also includes a video preview feature, and offers users the possibility to change the output destination.

Pocket DVD Wizard offers time estimation for completing the job, and at the end of the conversion process you can make the program play the video or shut down the computer.

You may retain the original format for the video output or go for the pan and scan mode that manages to remove the black bars from your videos.

Moreover, it is possible to specify the target output size and conversion quality (low, medium or high). Of course, if you opt for a high conversion quality, the process may take more time, but you will obtain a smooth rendering of the objects.

In conclusion, Pocket DVD Wizard proves to be pretty handy if you need to convert DVD content and video files to a file format that can be played on handheld devices.