Pocket PC Installation Creator will simplify installation creation files for Pocket PC Devices.

Eliminates the need of manually editing the required .inf files and calling the cabwiz tool for creating the cab(s) files.

Everything is working with dialogs, and the user interface is enough flexible and powerful to combine the related objects between them. For example, when creating a shortcut, the dialog will offer to choose from the files selected to be installed as the target of the shortcut.

And even more, can create a self-executable installer, witch includes the created cab(s) file(s) and automatically installs the proper Pocket PC application via active sync.

No more manual editing of .inf files, searching internet for information how to make these files, command prompt for building cab(s) file(s).

Here are some key features of "Pocket PC Installation Creator":

■ Easy to use interface.

■ Wizard for creating new Installation Projects

■ Multilinguage Support. 18 languages supported.

■ Customized Modules for installing .net cf and mobile sql.

■ Supports creation of multiple installs for various platforms (e.g. ARM, SH3).

■ Creates compressed, self-contained, self-extracting Windows setup program.

■ Project Manager for easy handling projects.

■ Win32 Module, for creating installations for Windows Desktop

■ PalmOS module added


■ Free for personal use or freeware projects.

■ Non registered versions can handle maximum 3 cab collections and 1 Win32 Installations.

■ A dialog is appeared before windows installations created by Pocket PC Installation Creator.