PodBreeze is a lightweight software application designed to help you download your favorite podcasts and open them using an external media player.

The multi-tabbed environment allows easy access to the key features of the utility, namely downloading podcasts, importing data, playing files, subscribing to different shows, as well as monitoring the log.

A new feed can be manually added by providing information about the URL for the XML/RSS file and title. In addition, you may grab all episodes in the podcast or just the latest one.

Advanced features are implemented for helping you automatically check the current feed at a custom time and download only episodes whose published date/time is older than the last one downloaded.

Importing feeds can also be done from OPML files from your disk, OPML file hosted online, your Podshow account, or Juice favorites plain text file.

PodBreeze reveals details about each podcast, such as title, activity, progress, date, and podcast. You may cancel downloads, view comprehensive notes about the podcast, and copy the selected URL to the clipboard or open it via your web browser.

Tests have shown that the application grabs podcasts pretty quickly and without eating up too much CPU and memory resources.

Detailed statistics can be generated for the downloaded podcasts. They include information about the number of downloads per day, total number of downloads, and size (amount per day and total amount). Plus, it generates graphs for the last month or year, or monthly, weekly or daily statistics.

You can run the utility at Windows startup, back up history upon exit, add MP3 ID3 tags, automatically delete downloads that get older than a custom number of days, pick the saving directory, select the preferred media player (Windows Media Player, VLC media player, Winamp) or play files in your web browser, and limit the maximum number of downloads.

All in all, PodBreeze delivers an intuitive environment and an essential feature pack for helping you grab podcasts. It can be handled by rookies and professionals alike.