Listening to podcasts has become more than a trend these days and almost morphed into a lifestyle for some users. Drawing its heritage from its well-known mobile version, Podcast Lounge 2 Store app will provide a desktop alternative that contains all the acclaimed and cherished features of the original. Search, browse, stream and download podcasts with ease, all within a single, centralized solution.

Exploring podcasts and saving personal lists in libraries are some of the main tasks of such an app. However, it’s the player at its core that could make a difference and in this case, it is far from basic.

Sporting a clean design and subtle playback controls, it allows a decent playback experience, as well as the ability to preview details about the loaded content, such as trivia and album art. One missing feature could be a section repeat, useful when wanting to review a particular segment.

A multitude of features offers a great degree of customization, starting with the well-defined search capabilities and ending with favorites list management. Furthermore, the whole settings section is well-enough designed to provide a multitude of options, as well as retain the all-essential accessibility.

Aficionados who really dwell into the podcast world might also appreciate the fact that the app offers offline file support, allowing them to import their own local files. This expands on the app’s capabilities and practically eliminates any limits defined by the online content.

Considering its minimalist design and the multitude of features available for managing podcasts, we believe that Podcast Lounge 2 provides an excellent balance between accessibility, ease-of-handling, and customization.