Pointer Focus is a software application that enables people to draw attention to their cursor and display their keystrokes on the desktop.

The software utility has a very simple and non-obtrusive interface, which presents only a few shortcut buttons that enable you access to all options available.

This piece of software can help you create a highlight for your mouse pointer, which appears like a small colored disc around it. It changes color when left or right-clicking it. Two other options similar to this are “Mouse Spotlight” and “Screen Magnifier”. The first one dims the monitor, except on a specific radius around the cursor, while the latter enables users to magnify objects they are pointing to.

In addition to that, you can choose to show keystrokes on your desktop or enable an on-screen annotation pen.

All actions available in the program have corresponding hotkeys (F8 – highlighting cursor, F9 – keystrokes, F11 – pen etc.) so that you can easily switch between them or enable/disable them. A small drawback here could be the fact that you cannot input the hotkeys.

Moreover, all the pointing tools can be easily customized from the settings panel. You can change the color of the pen, size of the magnifying glass, font, and the list goes on.

All in all, Pointer Focus is a useful software application that was developed specifically to help teachers draw attention to their mouse cursor. Prior experience is not necessary in order to work with the program and it presents a number of efficient features, such as highlighting the pointer, creating a spotlight around it, or magnifying areas.