Polar is a tool designed to help you manage all your web content more efficiently. The application acts as an offline browser from where you can access web pages, books, content and notes, all of which you can easily access from the same location.

The application comes with a clean and user-friendly interface that is comprised of a single window that displays the list of your captures. Each capture is exhibited along with its title, the time when it was added and when it was last updated. Therefore, you can easily determine when it is time to make another capture of a certain page, such as a news or promotion online magazine, for example.

The trump card of the program stems from the way it permits you to manage the content. To be more precise, because the content is stored locally, it means that you can manipulate it with annotations, attach notes in the areas of interest and highlight the parts that you may use or want to read more thoroughly.

Considering that the content is stored locally, you may be wondering about the free space you may need to have on your disk to enjoy the full potential of the tool. You will be happy to learn that the content is stored as JSON and does not actually take so much of your hard disk.

It is worth mentioning that the app has support for PDF documents, not just standard HTML web content. Consequentially, you can also grab and manage books or scientific papers or magazines, which are typically found in this format.

All in all, Polar acts like a virtual bookshelf and can come in handy if you need to gather and analyze web content and documents online regularly. Since you can make notes and page marks, you can keep track of what you are reading and hence, it can be of great help when you are working on a paper for work or college for instance.