Polar MultiClipboard is very simple to use and handy. It sits in the system tray, captures items as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard, and then when you need an item, you can call it up with a single keystroke or mouse click.

Polar MultiClipboard is a tool to be used each and every day, no matter which application are you working with. You simply must have it! We @ Polar can't live without it. It literally saves our lives!

The clipboard is a temporary storage area where Windows stores text or graphics you cut or copied. The original Windows clipboard is great for cutting and pasting a single item at a time, but if you want to save the items for later use ...

If needed, Polar MultiClipboard saves all the clips you have ever copied, although you can also limit the number of clips to be saved. Furthermore, MultiClipboard enables you to save clipboards permanently and to assign a shortcut key to each of them.

At the same time, Polar MultiClipboard enables you to use clipboards from your network neighbours, as well as giving them access to yours, but only if and when you want it. The options are: Not Shared; Share to all users; Share to selected users.

To save something to your clipboard simply copy or cut it by pressing CTRL+C or CTRL+X or right click on the mouse and select Copy/Cut. Polar MultiClipboard then automatically stores it.

An item can be retrieved easily by selecting it from the multicliboard list and pasting it by pressing Enter or more conveniently by using HotKeys which can insert the clip straight into an application.

Polar MultiClipboard can be your best friend - by customizing its wide range of options, you can make it behave just the way you want it to!