PolyVid Pro is a screen saver that can play movies and image files. It lets you play .mpg, .avi, .mov, .jpg, .bmp, .gif and animated gif files. It now can play any QuickTime movie if QuickTime for Windows is installed.

You simply add the files you want in the list and polyVid Pro will play them in the order you specify. After PolyVid Pro plays the last file in the list, it will re-play the files automatically from the beginning.

Also, you can set different display sizes and you can enable or disable sound. You can change the background color for files that are not displayed full screen. You can set a duration time for images.

Each file can have it's own settings or use a global default setting. The number of files you can put in the list is illimited. You can also use QuickTime to display images resulting in better visual quality with enlarged or reduced images.


■ 30 days trial

■ The unregistered copy is limited to playing only one file after the trial limit is over.