Let’s be honest – there are a thousand productivity-boosting apps out there, especially those who rely on the well-established “Pomodoro” method. Some really basic, some more complex, but all revolve more-or-less around the same working principle: work intervals and breaks. Pomodoro Timer UWP promises to come forward with a minimalist, clear-cut productivity app, that offers work sessions management and several other useful options.

The main timer is provided only as numerical and two main display modes allow one to select between a full-interface and a small, floating-dock style interface. There are no options for displaying the timer differently though.

Toggling between the two display modes is done manually, using the on-screen controls, and it would have been nice to see options for doing so using hotkeys.

Each work session can be customized in terms of actual time and saved for later use. This makes things far easier when starting out work on a new project for instance since it allows one to always have a pre-defined session time as a starting point.

Labeling the sessions also adds that extra bit of management, which coupled with the fact that both the short and the long breaks can be customized, make for a pretty well-rounded experience when using the app.

This Store-app addresses those who wish to “straighten up their act” in terms of work sessions management and overall productivity. Offering a truly minimalist approach to the “Pomodoro” technique, it comes packed with a small range of features that are aimed at creating, editing and saving work sessions, in order to help maintain a structured workflow.