Being focused and maintaining a certain level of concentration can be a difficult task, especially when distractions appear and make the struggle even more challenging. People sometimes use all sorts of alternative solutions for keeping focus. PomoDuctivity - Stay Focused was constructed for providing a way of helping users remain focused while performing their work or personal tasks.

The application is an advocate of the classic Pomodoro technique which entails the setting and usage of 25-minute work intervals, which are complemented by short breaks. The app enables users to select the interval but does not offer further customization of the actual time.

Each of the intervals needs to be “activated” by using the on-screen playback controls and by confirming that the task will be performed uninterrupted. Furthermore, the job can always be reset or aborted at any time by using the provided controls.

Tasks can be added and users will be able to find them listed in the dedicated panel, each being able to be edited individually, but only in terms of name. Some might require batch task management, and, unfortunately, this app does not come with such capabilities.

Some other useful options that can contribute to improving task organizing are the enabling of daily notifications. More so, once several tasks have been completed, the app will list them accordingly into a built-in graph that will provide data for the last week, month or a custom time interval.

If resorting to different, alternative methods to improve focus when working is an acceptable solution, then users can try the functionality of this application. Although limited in some perspectives, it does hold useful tools for maintaining good task management.