Image editors are some of the most popular applications on the Internet, as they come with multiple tools and features for making changes to your pictures.

One of them is Pop Dot Comics. It's a neat software solution that allows you to add all sort of effects to your images and even speech bubbles with text.

The application sports a really intuitive and fluent graphical interface, with a neat layout that gives you access to all sort of sections in the toolbar.

It doesn't come with any customization options, but you wouldn't really need them since the design is quite modern and nice. It has all sort of tips and instructions on how to use the application and get accustomed to its features.

You simply need to browse your computer and load the images that you would like to work on. It supports multiple file formats, so you don't need to worry about not being able to work on all of your pictures.

It lets you apply all sort of effects to your images and they're all arranged into multiple categories. All effects resemble those of cartoons or comic book drawings. You can adjust the style of effects, size, colors, outline size, black threshold, add borders, adjust corner radius and even paper tint.

It also lets you zoom in and out on your images, you can crop pictures to various sizes and it lets you create presets for future editing sessions. You can add speech bubbles and pick from many available options.

It also has lots of stickers that you can add to images. The program comes with unlimited undo options, so you can remove changes that you've made to images.

All in all, Pop Dot Comics is a useful and neat application that you could use in order to make all sort of changes to your images, apply various effects, stickers and adjust colors.