With a few exceptions, websites generally display all sorts of popups, notifications, ads or cookie requests banners. While we all most certainly understand their purpose, one must admit that they are often more annoying than useful and pose a distraction when navigating online, not to mention that accidentally clicking on any might open other pages you are not interested in. Therefore, no wonder that most computer users are inclined to install a popup and ad blocker in their browsers.

If Google Chrome is currently your browser choice, then you can opt for Poper Blocker, a simple extension designed to facilitate distraction-free browsing on the Internet. With this add-on installed, popups, ads and other notification windows are blocked automatically.

The extension is easily installed in Chrome and you can pin it to the browser’s toolbar to monitor the number of popups it blocks and configure its settings.   Clicking on the extension’s button reveals a small window that includes details regarding the number of blocked distractions on the currently visited website. Poper Blocker for Chrome can block basic popup windows automatically and hide website notifications as well, so that you don’t get interrupted by annoying popups.

Moreover, you can configure it to hide cookie requests and block ads on social media, YouTube or any website you visit. While video ads cannot be blocked by this extension, it is also worth noting that advanced popups or overlays can also be removed by Poper Blocker for Chrome.

Another cool feature of Poper Blocker for Chrome is the social media content filter, which offers you more control over the feed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. To be more specific, Poper Blocker for Chrome can hide posts that contain words of your choice, which allows you to filter the feed content.

Interestingly enough, there is a magic wand that helps you remove any part of a website. In other words, not only that Poper Blocker for Chrome conceals ads and popups, but it also allows you to choose the content to visualize.

An add-on such as Poper Blocker for Chrome can offer you an enhanced browsing experience, since it blocks popups and other annoying ads and notifications without your intervention. Moreover, you get a cleaner social media feed and save time by blocking YouTube ads automatically.