Portable 7 Star Browser is an intuitive application dedicated to assisting you in navigating the Internet, searching for key words or downloading online content. The browser features a dual-core kernel especially designed for website compatibility and improved searches. Moreover, it ensures speed, safety and stability in Web browsing.

Portable 7 Star Browser is a reliable program for Internet navigation, which can be customized depending on which websites you wish to access. The browser supports both Chrome and Internet Explorer kernels and allows you to quickly switch between the two of them.

Thus, while the Chrome mode is better suited for quick navigation and searching for key words, the IE kernel is dedicated to exclusive websites. For example Internet banking websites are built on IE structure.

Portable 7 Star Browser features a series of functions of options that make Internet navigation more convenient. Thus, quick command buttons, the quick searching field and the Options menu are placed on the top ribbon, next to the address bar.

You may easily bookmark the current website, view a list of recently visited pages, sign in to your 7 Star account or go to the home page. The software supports several tab display and allows you to hide/unhide the menu bar. The application is also compatible with Chrome extensions.

Portable 7 Star Browser allows you to customize the Settings, by specifying a home page, enable/disable automatic kernel switch, the Super Drag option, mouse gestures. You may easily switch between preferred searching engines, enable proxies, manage passwords and adjust privacy settings.

Not only does Portable 7 Star Browser offer you a secure and convenient experience while navigating the Internet, but it also allows you to customize its appearance. You may change the location of the tool strips, the style of the tabs, toolbar colors, enable window transparency and hide/unhide certain buttons. Additionally, you may easily import settings, history and other data from other browsers.