Portable Binfer is an user-friendly application that provides users with the possibility to easily send and receive emails, as well as large files.

Most email service providers do not allow users to send files as attachments unless they are below a certain size, which could become a bit of a problem for those users who need to send large attachments. With the help of Binfer, however, this is no longer an issue.

The application does not require installation. Users simply need to unpack the downloaded archive and to launch the tool with a double-click on the Executable Jar File included in it.

Users can take advantage of the capabilities of this program on any computer by simply extracting the downloaded archive to a portable drive and by launching the application from there.

The application can be used as an email client, as it can display messages directly on its main window. In fact, it also displays two different tabs for received and sent emails, making it easy for users to browse through them.

Users can compose new messages with a single mouse click, directly from the program's main window, and they can also attach any files they want to these messages.

The software allows users to monitor the file transfers, directly on its main window. Additionally, it can generate reports that can be viewed with a single mouse click, for increased convenience. The utility makes it easy for users to create contacts lists, thus being able to send emails and files fast.

The tool is fast, both when it comes to displaying received messages or when creating and sending new emails. It can be used even by beginners and does not need a lot of system resources to function properly.

All in all, Portable Binfer is an easy-to-use, fast application for sending and receiving emails and large files. The software does not require installation and can be placed on a removable drive for use on any computer.