Portable CrococryptMirror is a useful and intuitive application which offers you a convenient method of protecting important data. The program allows you to encrypt entire folders by mirroring their content into an encoded container, which cannot be opened by any other means. The access to the application is also password protected.

Portable CrococryptMirror can help you create encrypted and compressed containers in which to store important data, away from prying eyes. It can easily create secure directories, which mirror the contents of local folders, except they are stored in encrypted form. No user can open these files, unless they have access to Portable Crococrypt.

The program does not require installation and stores all the functional files in its folder, including the password file, required to access its interface. This is why, you can easily store and operate Portable Crococrypt from a USB drive or a cloud account.

Portable CrococryptMirror allows you to create the containers to any location you wish, whether local or remote, so you may access it whenever you need the files. Simply select the source directory and the path for the container, then let the program encrypt your files. You may manually synchronize the files in the container, or set the program to automatically operate the function.

Once the container is created, you can easily open it from the main window of Portable Crococrypt, via a network location. The container encryption is based on AES and Twofish algorithms, while the password is encoded with a combination of PKCS#5, SHA512, HMAC and AES methods.

Not only does Portable CrococryptMirror allow you to encode files, but it performs this task in such a manner that the only way to access them is through its interface. The access to the program is also protected by a strong password, which you need to provide. Moreover, since it does not require installation, you can carry it on a portable device and open the containers anywhere you are.