Portable EasyMCC is a lightweight and user-friendly software utility developed to offer you an easy method of learning your computer monitor’s specifics, being able to adjust its configuration with just a few swift mouse clicks.

As a standalone program, its installation is evidently not necessary, so you can just decompress the archive and run the executable to get started.

Consequently, you can store and carry Portable EasyMCC on various removable memory drives, such as USB sticks, and use it on all compatible systems, at work or at home, without too much problem.

The application lets you modify the ‘Luminance’ and ‘Contrast’ of your PC screen, just by moving the glider left and right. Similarly, you can alter the ‘Color Temp’ to different values, selecting them from the drop-down menu.

The ‘Info’ button enables you to discover the device’s manufacturer and product code, the serial number and the model of your monitor, as well as its year and week of production.

The ‘Presets’ menu allows you to save a specific configuration to your system, to an EMP file, which you can easily restore, whenever you wish to switch to a different one, while the ‘Power Mode’ lets you turn DPMS on or off.

All in all, Portable EasyMCC proves to be a handy and effective utility that can give you a helping hand in discovering and modifying your computer’s brightness and contrast values, without having to resort to the buttons on the side, to do it.