Cataloging all your drives and keeping the information at hand at all times enables you to quickly locate a file later on, should you have use for it, without having to waste too much time trying to find it.

With the help of Portable EF File Catalog, you can process entire drives or only folders that interest you, being able to browse through them even from other systems, by opening the EFK format file where it stores the information.

As the name of the program would suggest, this is the standalone version of EF File Catalog, which means it can be launched immediately after downloading and unarchiving the ZIP.

Running Portable EF File Catalog on your system will not generate any additional entries in the PC’s registry, and you can even carry it with you on a removable memory device, using it on the go, on all compatible systems.

Getting started requires you to create a new catalog, being able to save it under any name and location you prefer. Afterward, you can begin adding groups and units, the last of which lets you define the exact drives or folders you wish to work with.

After a brief moment during which Portable EF File Catalog processes these actions, a detailed list of the files in those directories is loaded in its main window, allowing you to edit, open or rename them. Also, individual notes can be added for specific files. You can assign them to a category, as defined by you.

The list of files is saved in the catalog, specifically the EFK file and this can be transferred and opened on other systems, allowing you to browse through them. However, you can open or edit their contents only on the PC they are stored on.

In closing, Portable EF File Catalog is a practical and easy to understand piece of software that can assist you in enumerating the contents of directories or system drives in little to no time.