Portable ImageToText is a feature-rich tool designed to be used by those who want to quickly come up with an ASCII version of a preferred graphic file.

The panel offers a well-structured menu with options that revolve around changing an image into ASCII text as well as manipulating it to create new pictures.

The program supports bulk processing for converting entire directories of pictures to generate text representations. A downside is that the application window is translucid and might bother while working with it, since there is no option implemented to adjust the opacity level.

It's possible to convert one or more pictures at a time with the supported extensions, such as BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG, as well as text with RTF and TXT format.

You can simply select the image location, then start customizing settings, such as the effects (e.g. bold, italic, strikeout or underline), font style and size, along with the font and background colors, depending on your preferences.

It's possible to edit and input your own character set, height ratio, and the number of letters to display per row. The app opens a new window with the final form of your image, which you can save as a text or graphic file.

Moreover, when the output format is set to image, you can set the font color to the “Map to source” option, in order to use the specified image as a font, giving it a color similar to the original picture. The same settings can be applied to the background color, in addition to the random canvas and brush that can be customized.

Overall, Portable ImageToText is an intuitive application, which provides a simple way to convert images to text representations, supporting formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMG, RTF and TXT. You can personalize it with different font styles, colors and sizes.