Portable LAVClock is a feature-rich and approachable clock designed to be a more suitable replacement for the default Windows timer. It features handy and fun tools to provide a complete experience.

As the name suggests, the app doesn't require installation, coming packed with all the core files to start directly. It can be put on an external drive and run on other computers without prior setup.

The provided interface is straightforward and discreet, displaying the other features when right-clicking on it. Unfortunately, when run for the first time, it's automatically sent to systray, overlapping the default clock. With a bit of patience, you can access the properties tab, and change its position, or activate the floating mode.

From the settings, it's possible to modify the date/time, font type, and size, keep it on top of other apps, as well as enable the frame, and pick the desired text and background color, to make it more visible or blend with the content.

When hovering the mouse over it, a tooltip panel is shown, which can be customized, by disabling various elements, like calendar, sunrise and sunset, Julian day, or moon phase. Plus, you have the option to set what actions should be performed when using the mouse.

What's more, it offers a standard sheduler, to set different alarms with custom images, text, and sounds. The atomic feature updates the clock based on your location, accurately display the time. In addition, the app shows a real-time graphical planet representation from your current position, as well as interesting facts about the Moon and Sun. The astrology tab provides various useful information about rising/setting time, twilight, lunar days, and zodiac.

Taking everything into account, Portable LAVClock is a sophisticated and interactive digital clock, which comes bundled with a lot of useful details about the solar system, zodiac, and lunar phases, along with the ability to show the date and time.