Data storage devices are a tricky piece of hardware. Although you delete files and documents from them, data traces are still left behind. Even for the regular user, this is a problematic security risk, as your personal information can fall into the wrong hands.

Portable Macrorit Data Wiper (formerly known as Portable Macrorit Disk Partition Wiper )is a small utility that allows users to delete the files from your computer permanently, making it impossible for your data to be recovered. Just as the name suggests, you can deploy the software from USB drives or any portable storage device. Once you unzip the compressed folder and run the application, all of its files will be created in the same location.

The interface is intuitive and friendly enough to be accessible to all user levels. The workflow is properly defined, and there is little chance of you getting things wrong. You also preview information on the size of each partition or disk, and space used on all of them.

Depending on the sensitivity of your files, you can choose between various deletion options. You can overwrite disks with pure binary data, like zero / one or both, and more complicated methods, such as DoD 5220.2-M and DoD 5220.28-STD. The last choices represent high-security methods, employed by the Department of Defense.

If you wish to maintain a clean storage device, you can perform free space wipes, which deletes all traces of your computer data, preventing identity thefts.

Portable Macrorit Data Wiper is versatile enough to be of use to a wide range of users. It can be deployed on all types of machines, making it a viable choice for beginners and professionals alike. It offers good value for money, as it provides several wiping methods. All in all, it is worth the time to try it out.