Portable Magic Excel Recovery is a reliable tool especially designed to retrieve Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets that were deleted or corrupted. The application can scan the selected drive in order to detect file signatures, as well as recover file systems. Moreover, it offers a preview of the recovered files before saving them.

Portable Magic Excel Recovery is a simple to use tool, with a wizard-like interface which can guide you through all the steps of the file retrieval process. The application allows you to select the drive you wish to run the scan on, by selecting one of the available locations. Hard disk drives, removable drives or physical disks are supported

Moreover, the application can work with ISO virtual images. It allows you to create a virtual image of the current system state. Thus, you can make sure that the deleted data is not overwritten by new files. This step can make the file recovery faster, if you mount the saved image and retrieve data from it.

Portable Magic Excel Recovery features two methods of disk scan, a quick process, which allows it to restore recently deleted files and the Full analysis, designed to find all relevant information on a drive and restore the file system, with the desired files.

The application allows you to create searching filters and thus identify spreadsheets by size, date of creation/modification/last access. Moreover, you can select the exact file extensions you are searching for: Excel CSV, add-ins, worksheets, workbooks, templates and OpenOffice Calc files.

Portable Magic Excel Recovery enables you to preview the restored files before saving them. You can view the thumbnails, but also a larger image, along with relevant details, such as file name, size, previous path. You can save the files to the computer, burn them to a CD/DVD, create an ISO virtual image or use the built-in FTP client to upload them to the Internet.