Portable MHX Classroom Helper is a fun, yet educational tool that enables you to manage your student’s daily attendances or absences to class. You may create multiple rosters, grade your students, assign reading tasks or reward their interest and participation.

The software enables you to mark your students’ attendance or absence in the Sign in window. If a particular student offers a bus slip, it may be also marked to the their record. Each student marked as present may participate in class activities, games and rewarding system.

The software includes educational games, such as Weather, Seasons, calculating exercises or learning the calendar. Each of the games are offered in both English and French language, and constitute a useful tool in teaching students a foreign language.

The Bank window is where each student may be awarded points or be punished, by losing points. Each mark is accompanied by a memo, motivating the prize: active participation in class, listening, being respectful, following directions, working quietly, teamwork or being on task.

Aside from awarding points, the software offers rewards, such as generating a top of the point leaders, changing the color of each pupil’s name tag, or drawing a ticket for a random student. To change a name tag, a student must have 5 or 10 points, depending on the desired color.

The purpose of the rewards is to motivate students to participate in class and practice discipline.

The software enables you to create multiple rosters for your class, depending on the studied subject or discipline. Each roster may contain up to 31 students and it is required for accessing functions such as the Literacy Station, Bank or Sign in.

In the Literacy Station, each student may be assigned a reading, listening or writing task, and you may also pick several pupils to work in teams.

Portable MHX Classroom Helper is a useful classroom manager, designed to be a teaching assistant, as well as offer motivational instruments for students. Its colorful interface makes it suitable for working young pupils, since it captures attention, and enables them to easily read the large fonts.