Portable Resizer Lite is the packaged version of the image resizer that provides all the required tools for scaling images to a preferred size.

The application does not require an installation. You can unzip the compressed folder and run it on the computer you are working on. It supports all Windows versions since its resource usage is smaller than that of the operating system.

As most portable software, its interface is identical to its installer version. All of its functions are available in the main window. You can set up an export location for your files and a filename pattern to differentiate your processed image.

You can load any number of images by dragging and dropping them and then select fitting methods. Whether you wish to shrink or enlarge images, you can stretch, widen, heighten, and crop the photos.

You can also add background colors to help you create contrasts for your pictures and select the quality for the exported files. Moreover, you can keep the original format or export the processed photos to BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, or TIF.

The software is designed to provide all the features of the installer version but from a portable storage device, such as a USB or memory card. It is not an extensive application, but it allows you to perform modifications on the go.

In conclusion, Portable Resizer Lite offers all the features as its counterpart. It is just a bit as useful and can be deployed on any computer. The software performs flawlessly and provides all the tools required for the job. During testing, it did not crash or display any error messages, so you can rest assured it will live up to the task.