Designed as the portable counterpart of tinySpell+, this is a lightweight and simple-to-use application that tracks everything you write in text editors and notifies you whenever you misspell words.

As there is no setup pack involved, you can drop the program files in a custom directory on the disk and just click the executable to run. It's also possible to move it to pen drive to directly launch it on any PC without any previous installers. What's more, it doesn't modify Windows registry settings.

Once launched, the app creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area. When it's active, it shows a message near the mouse cursor and activates audio alerts as soon as you make any typos.

It's possible to load multiple dictionaries with different languages, select applications to disable the spellchecker for, or disable beeping sounds when typos are detected.

In addition, you can activate hotkeys for opening a list with replacement suggestions, as well as for enabling and disabling beeping and the entire program. It can be set to run at every Windows startup until further notice.

What's more, you can customize the spelling tip text size, colors and on-screen duration, hide it if the caret position is unavailable, enable the left+Shift click or down arrow for opening the suggestions list along with the right+Shift click or F12 key for instantly replacing the typo, make the frame stay on top of other windows, and so on.

We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the utility didn't freeze, crash or show error dialogs. It's very prompt at showing spelling tips. As expected, CPU and RAM consumption was minimal.

To sum it up, tinySpell+ provides you with a simple method for keeping track of your typos. It offers replacement suggestions, features hotkeys, and lets you load multiple dictionaries.