Portable Vole Magic Note Free Edition is a good solution for those who want to create a daily journal and keep track of interesting events or resources they stumble upon while navigating on the Internet. It can be used both as a simple diary creator and a research assistant since it can attach links and multimedia content to notes.

Creating a new journal is just a matter of a few clicks, and Portable Vole Magic Note Free Edition generates a tree-view set of entries containing all the months and days of the current year. Then, you can easily navigate to the current day and use the built-in editor to create a note.

Each daily entry can embed locally stored multimedia files, YouTube clips, Internet media, links to web sites of your choosing, and even file paths. The most commonly used audio, video and graphic formats are supported.

Thanks to the integrated preview function, you can enjoy watching videos, viewing photos, browsing documents or listening to music inside a note directly from Portable Vole Magic Note Free Edition. It can practically preview any file type, but for certain types of documents Microsoft Office might be required.

A few additional features enhance its functionality even further. For instance, the Magic Touch tool enables you to set event reminders and add warning flags or birthday signs to a note.

Another worth mentioning feature is the key manager, which can store registration and login data. The so-called Music Mate displays artwork covers for played music, also enabling you to import and sync lyrics for songs you are listening to.

The toolbox also includes a countdown timer to help you set alarms and manage working time, as well as a VMC discovery module, ready to analyze any web page and read its multimedia library.

Portable Vole Magic Note Free Edition aims to help you create daily multimedia notes, storing content you liked while navigating online. It can create daily notes with embedded links, catchy images or worth-visiting websites.

While the application is easy to use and has potential, there is a major drawback: the lack of security. Your personal notes cannot be protected at least by a password, let alone encrypted to prevent others from reading them.

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