Designed especially for business or company-related environments, Portable Vole Word Reviewer Free Edition is a powerful and useful piece of software designed to help both employees and employers be more efficient when it comes to working with VMC files.

In other words, the utility makes it possible for you to add digital signatures, comments and multimedia files ranging from images, audio tracks, online videos and even websites to your digital documents.

Portable Vole Word Reviewer Free Edition, as its name implies, requires no installation to function on your computer. This said, you can carry it with you on a removable memory device and rest assured that it does not lose its configuration.

As far as working with the app goes, its main window is not what you would call visually pleasing, but it does a fair job of providing you with access to the app's main functions.

To make things even simpler, Portable Vole Word Reviewer Free Edition makes it possible for you to integrate reviews, attachments and digital signatures into VMC libraries.

With the help of its built-in media player, you can explore all the attached components, as well as manage digital signatures and play multimedia content straight from the app's main window, thus eliminating the need for third-party apps.

In terms of compatibility, the tool comes with support for the most common formats for audio, video, image files and documents, such as DOC, PDF, CHM, VMC, RTF, TXT, SWF, GIF, HTM and can also play YouTube videos.

Portable Vole Word Reviewer Free Edition comes with powerful search capabilities, enables you to password-protect your libraries and uses PKCS #12 security protection for your digital signatures.

All in all, Portable Vole Word Reviewer Free Edition is a very useful application, especially for companies that require intense computer work and have long gone given up the need for actual paper.

With this in mind, it makes sense to virtualize most of the workload, including reviews, official documents that require authorizations and other significant or administrative files that need to be signed.

While it may not reduce bureaucracy, this app packs the potential to save a lot of time for employee and employer alike.