An efficient workspace allows you to effortlessly access the resources you need to employ in your tasks, and some workarounds here and there could make a difference in your productivity.

Portable XLaunchpad is an application that promises to do just that for you by bringing close at hand all the apps, files, and folders you rely on in your routine so that you can effortlessly open them at a mouse click.

The advantage of a portable piece of software mainly refers to the fact that there is no need to install it, and using it from a USB stick is a given. As suggested by its very name, Portable XLaunchpad has all these perks, and you only need to run its EXE file in order to prompted with an easy-to-configure GUI.

It is also worth pointing out that, in order to avoid workflow hiccups, the application hides in the system tray, where you need to go in order to launch it. While the program is capable of identifying the most used items on your system, it also allows you to add new ones.

The range of items you can populate the launcher with is quite wide and includes files, folders, URLs, and programs, which you can include in your list either by right-clicking the program's main window, then selecting them one by one or by turning to the drag and drop functionality.

Note that deleting shortcuts is also possible, as is the case of customizing their icon and name. Aside from that, you may want to know that selecting your icons’ size is possible, with options such as large, medium, small and custom size being available for you to choose from.

Autoarranging icons by usage and applying blur to the background could also come in handy and let you concentrate on what is really important to you. What’s more, support for hotkeys is provided, which guarantees you can quickly reach the items you are interested in.

Many other customizations are available in the Settings section, which is easy to configure, regardless of your tech skills, and backup and restore functionality is integrated as well to prevent data loss.

On an ending note, Portable XLaunchpad is a handy productivity tool that ensures you can access your favorite apps, files, folders, and URLs in the blink of an eye. The launcher allows for considerable customizations and is implicitly flexible enough for any user trying to get quick access to the resources they use on a regular basis.