Whenever an important event is about to take place, a lot of advertising is done so that people know it’s happening and where. In urban culture, this can be seen as huge posters hanging above the street or glued to walls. Besides a special kind of printer to create such a big poster, one also needs applications like Poster.

If the name didn’t inspire you to think of the basic functionality, then you need to know it’s an advanced drawing and editing tool with which you create posters. The visual design leaves a bit more to be desired, since all features are held in a classic window design that seems to fit better in the last decade.

While the default poster that loads as a template can make you change your mind, the application is packed with quite an impressive array of tools, only limiting you to your imagination. What’s more, there are tons of presets, examples, and templates to look over or even use to quickly start a project in case you lack motivation or inspiration.

Choosing to create a new poster requires you to specify the type and size first, such as a result that fits on a regular A4 paper sheet, or custom size specifications for vertical and horizontal alignment, or even a long banner. There’s also a built-in wizard that gradually asks for values to apply to your new canvas.

In terms of editing, the application provides the right means to both create and manipulate objects in almost any way possible. A rich library of presets lets you pick various objects, that can later on be edited by dragging the borders or accessing the properties panel for color and style.

Besides drawing, you can import various cliparts, or external pictures. You can then spend some time to tweak colors, add blur, or adjust other visual settings, in case you haven’t done any pre-processing to pictures.

Since there also needs to be text on a poster, you get to insert text boxes that can be treated like regular objects. Text itself benefits from common style and font customization options, as well as an abundance of special effects that shadow, outline, blur, and a lot more visual tweaks.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Poster is a powerful application you can use to create posters for all kinds of events, even if no one other than you and your folks see them. The visual design leaves a bit more to be desired, but if you manage to overlook this, almost all your ideas can be expressed through this canvas.