Power Defrag utility is designed to transform maintaining your system into a much faster and easier task.

Power Defrag operations are faster than regular system maintenance tasks because Power Defrag runs the standard Microsoft Windows system utilities in a highly optimised environment. Because most other functions on your PC are disabled in this environment, there are fewer external applications writing to disk or using up your valuable system memory while these programs run.

Power Defrag is easier to use than the standard system maintenance tools because all important functions are grouped together in one application, allowing the user to select those operations which are best suited to the moment. Power Defrag also supports scheduling, allowing tasks to be completed without user intervention during times when you will not be using your PC.

Here are some key features of "Power Defrag":

В■ Return to Basic View at next startup

This option will cause Power Defrag to start up showing the Basic or Beginner's version of this document every time you run the program.

В■ Return to default screen position at next startup

This option will force the Power Defrag window to open in its original screen position every time you run the software.

В■ Return to default size at next startup

This option forces Power Defrag to open with its original window dimensions every time you run the software.

В■ Return to default options at next startup

This option will reset all of these options to their default setting once. Clearly, when this is done, this option is disabled again and your future options will be saved as usual.

В■ Restart after all operations (For Zone Alarm users)

Under Windows 95, 98 and ME, Power Defrag's startup routine is not compatible with the Zone Alarm personal firewall program and may not be compatible with other firewall programs either. If you experience problems accessing your network after running Power Defrag 3.00, select this option. The machine will restart in its standard configuration after all Power Defrag operations are complete and no further problems should occur.

В■ Shut down after all operations

This option will shut your computer down after all Power Defrag options are complete.


В■ 30 days trial period