Power ISO Maker is a powerful Windows application that can create and burn ISO image files.

The program can create ISO files from both CDs and DVDs, but also using the files and folders stored on the local drives.

Additionally, it can burn the created ISO image files to disc, of course using a set of user-defined options.

Features are organized in tabs, which is pretty helpful if you’re looking to use just one of the aforementioned tools. Still, each of these tabs comes with dedicated configuration options, but nothing that needs more than basic technical knowledge.

Creating an ISO file from a disc for example requires you to choose the device and the output file name, while building an ISO using the locally-stored files needs nothing more than the target items.

There are several options too concerning both the ISO burning and building processes, letting you choose media type, volume name, CD file system, buffer size and bad sector handling.

Power ISO Maker works smoothly on all Windows versions and doesn’t ask for administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations.

To sum up, Power ISO Maker is clearly one of the top products in this particular software category. It serves its purpose blazing fast and doesn’t affect the overall stability of the system in any way. What’s more, it appeals to both rookies and experienced users with a well-organized GUI.