Power Mixer is a tool that aims to replace the Volume Control function found in Windows, by providing you with more advanced options when it comes to audio control.

The interface of the program is plain and simple. There are no complicated procedures you can get yourself lost into.

So, you can adjust the volume and balance for the rear green in, black in, orange in, gray in, blue in and pink in, as well as for the front pink in and green in, side, center, subwoofer, rear and front.

In addition, you can set the same options for the Windows Sounds and apply user presets (e.g. games, evening, MP3 music, mute all, unmute all, normalize, Skype).

Furthermore, you can define hotkeys by opening the context menu (increase and decrease volume, shift balance to left and right, mute), rename control, add it to the desk or hide it from the tree, or move it up and down.

In the "Options" menu, you can configure volume for the speakers, system sounds and any open applications. But you can also select a playback and recording device to modify settings, along with a sound scheme and the action to take when Windows detects communication activity (e.g. mute all other sounds, reduce volume of other sounds by 50%).

The program uses a very low amount of system resources and includes a complete user documentation. No errors have occurred during our tests, so we highly recommend Power Mixer to individuals of any level of experience.