Power Note is an accessible and intuitive application designed to offer a simple and quick method to create, organize and store important personal or work-related notations or just daily thoughts and ideas. The app is installed trough the Windows Store and compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8. It's wrapped in a modern and user-friendly interface showing all the entered notes on the left side of the panel while on the right a simple word editor, similar to a notebook, lets you enter text.

The installation process is finished before you realize and you don't have to click on anything but the install button. The small editor comes with a title, subtitle and a body where you can type your daily activity or essential information you wish to store. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the background or the font color and type.

To each memo, you can appoint a specific color, from red, blue, green or yellow to separate them from the less vital ones. You can also copy and paste content from another document and discard an item you don't need anymore. Plus, the tool lets you pin important notes to the main screen for a quicker access.

A search bar is positioned on the left side of the window, which you can use to find particular items. Unfortunately, the app doesn't come with a customizable layout, a reminder system, useful for essential memos or the ability to insert images, symbols or other objects in the text to add a touch of personality. What's more, compared with other similar programs, it automatically connects to your Windows account and syncs the database to be able to restore it, in case problems are encountered.

Taking everything into consideration, Power Note is a useful and clear-cut application that comes in handy for everyone who want a simple yet powerful tool to add and manage multiple annotations quick and easy.