With Power Planner, students and teachers or professors alike will never have to worry about scheduling a class or reminding everyone about certain events, meetings and exams. It will all be neatly stored in one application, Power Planner, by its name. This application has many options and offers a real powerhouse planning utility for those willing to give it a try.

The best feature for students is the fact that you can easily add your classes and build up a timesheet with all the course dates and times, simultaneously being able to attach to each class a list of tasks or other such dependencies. All these work together in explaining the final grades, also stored within this app's menus.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that you can just as easily add exam days or other related course activities, such as field trips for example. The number of objects one can customize is truly astounding. This application is definitely one of the most complete when it comes to course organizing. The bottom line with it is that without paying you have limited access to all these features.

What is truly interesting is the ability to establish a network of your students, as a teacher or professor. Managing the network is sort of similar to how you would manage a team in a project. Everything is simple and easy to deal with. You will feel in control of all the aspects of your class, and that will not only add to the productivity level, it will boost confidence amongst students in your powers as a good manager and team leader.

Power Planner is an application that has a lot of potential to unleash. Provided you do decide to use the full version, the number of features one has the potential to work with is staggering. There are far too many options and some you may never come to use; however, it is exactly because of these features that Power Planner seems like the complete education management experience.