Power Screensaver Builder Professional is a program with a pretty self-explanatory name - it allows you to create screensavers for your desktop. It is simple to use.

The interface of the app is based on a standard layout with several tabs available; you can get started by choosing a name and description text for the project.

So, you can import images, Shockwave flash animations or videos by using either the file browser or 'drag and drop' method.

It is possible to add multiple items to the list at the same time; the file queue shows the name, size and type of each entry. Plus, you can preview any selected file on the right side of the screen.

Power Screensaver Builder Professional allows you to specify the media display position (on the center of the screen or random), transition mode (foreground only, full screen), image show size, media show order and interface.

Furthermore, you can attach files as a sound stream to the screensaver, preview them in a built-in audio player, make the program play them in random order, enable looping mode, as well as set the play interval. Additional customization preferences revolve around author information, version and copyright, registration, Internet link banner, and tab visibility. Once the project is done, you can save it as a screensaver (SCR), executable file (EXE), screensaver installation file, or as an installation file for the EXE.

Power Screensaver Builder Professional supports multiple languages for the interface, has a good response time, quickly finishes a task and delivers animations with a good image and sound quality. We have not encountered any issues during our tests. Inexperienced users may take a while to learn how to work with Power Screensaver Builder Professional's features.