Power YMF helps users tweak their YMF7x4 soundcard driver.

Power YMF supports the following soundcard drivers YMF724, YMF740, YMF744 and YMF754.

Using Power YMF users can increase quality of WAV and MP3 files and audio CD playback.

Power YMF has a high quality 44.1 to 48 kHz samplerate converter to increase quality of WAV and MP3 playback and quality of audio CD.

Power YMF includes high quality 4.61 MB wavetable bank, so you can set it instead of default 2.3 MB 8-bit quality bank and hear XG and GM/GS MIDI files with the professional sound quality.

Here are some key features of "Power YMF":

■ 44.1 kHz high quality mode

■ Extended high quality XG MIDI Bank Modes

■ The driver tweaks

■ MIDI banks editor

■ XG MIDI files collection


■ Yamaha 7x4 chip-based soundcard;

■ Intel Pentium 166 processor or higher;

■ Memory: 32 MB;

■ 4 MB hard disk space;


■ 30-day trial period