The command console is a powerful system tool for advanced users, providing numerous commands that are of great help. However, not all users like the looks of the command prompt and the way it is used.

PowerCmd offers an enhanced alternative to the Windows console, with a more intuitive GUI and multiple functions designed to ease your work.

One of the most important advantages this application brings is that it enables you to open an unlimited number of prompt instances within the same window, in different tabs and work with them independently.

In addition to this, it comes with a set of predefined pane layouts, so that you choose the one that you feel comfortable with. Also, you can run it in fullscreen mode.

There are a few additional functions of PowerCmd designed to improve your workflow and make the console more user-friendly. Auto-completion, automatic conversion of the '' sign, quick launch of commands and applications with shortcut keys, search functionality, fast access to the console via the system's context menu.

Furthermore, each console features line numbering and wrapping.

For your convenience, the default appearance of the consoles can be changed: you can customize fonts and colors for the text and the background, so as to make its looks easier to the eye.

With customizable window placement, PowerCmd can enhance your experience with the command console. Its additions are designed to make the 'cmd' prompt more user-friendly and appealing, while preserving the default functions of the original Windows tool.