In case you need to do internet research, then PowerNotes is the perfect tool to help you with that. It is a nice looking web browser extension that you can use to gather, organize and track your notes with ease.

The beautiful thing about this tool is that is very easy to use. After installing and activating the extension, you just have to highlight the paragraphs you need using the mouse cursor and a pop-up window will appear. From here you can place it under your desired topic and leave your thoughts or ideas on them in the form of notes.

To help you keep track of your work, the software will have a yellow button on the bottom-right side of the webpage. Once you click it, a large menu will appear, where you can find all the texts you have highlighted and the notes you have left for them, each under their respective topics.

If you want a better overview of your project, you can simply click on the "Project Outline" button from the PowerNotes menu and it will bring you to their webpage. Here is where you can see your entire work and even edit your project details, like the name for example.

The menu also has the links for all the paragraphs you have highlighted so far. If at any point you leave that page and wish to go back to it, the program will take you back there with a single click.

Finally, if you do wish to print your work, PowerNotes also allows you to export projects from its webpage. You can send them to your hard drive in multiple formats, including the common .doc and .xlsx.

If your work requires you to research via the internet a lot, I would recommend you give this extension a try. It is as helpful as it is easy to use.