Computer presentations are used in a variety of situations, due to their versatility and the ability to integrate a wide array of special elements into them, such as images, animations and even video content. However, in case you want to present a certain application or a document that does not run in fullscreen mode, you may not want the public to view your entire desktop.

Presentation Screen Master is a software solution designed to help you avoid exposing the entire contents of your desktop on the video projector, by enabling you to select which portions to display and which to hide. Hence, you are able to control the amount of information that is visible to the public, while still being able to work on the rest of the desktop in the mean time, without distracting the audience from the presentation.

In order to achieve this, the application lets you choose from multiple viewing modes, depending on your necessities. Thus, you can start off by leaving the entire screen visible, or manually select the visible area, using the resizable box. Additionally, you can choose to do display specific program windows and ignore everything else, even if you move the said windows around on the desktop.

Once the presentation is on its way, you can use the various other tools and gimmicks bundled into Presentation Screen Master, such as the various cursor shapes. Furthermore, you can also increase or decrease the size of the cursor, as well as use it to draw on the screen using freehand motions.

Moreover, it is also possible to change the background of the view window, by choosing any of the colors available in the provided spectrum. The number of frames per second is adjustable as well, depending on how smooth you need the image to look, which is rather important if you intend to stream video content on the screen.

All in all, Presentation Screen Master delivers a useful set of features that enable you to have total control over you presentations. In addition, it also comes with support for multiple monitors and the ability to zoom in and out, which extends the amount of freedom you have within the presentations.