PrexView is a user-friendly and quite accessible piece of software that provides you with all the necessary tools for converting XML and JSON files to eye-catching PDF, HTML, PNG, and JPG.

The app can be deployed on your computer's system with the least amount of effort on your behalf, and the only thing that's required in order to start using it is a PrexView account.

You will notice a clear-cut, non-impressive yet highly-functional user interface and the main window that is split into three main sections. On the upper left side, you can view the header, body, footer and pagination details of your document, on the lower left the XML or JSON documents are loaded while the right side is dedicated to previewing your docs.

On the upper side of the main window, there's a simplistic toolbar that helps you convert documents directly to PDF, HTML, PNG, and JPG with no more than a few mouse clicks. Most of the app's tools are neatly organized within the left-sided toolbar.

In just a few words, you can change anything on your documents, from fonts to icons, as well as create eye-pleasing charts and add barcodes or QR codes. The Settings section is also easily accessible from the same place. There aren't that many options to play with, but you can select the data format, the document style, the size format, the margins, as well as enable or disable the header and the footer.

Considering everything that has been said, you should have no problems working with this app. However, it might be a good idea to check out the app's Documentation page from time to time or if you get stuck on various procedures.

All in all, PrexView Studio is a modern-looking and efficient application that allows you to transform any XML or JSON files into more readable documents in JPG, PNG, PDF, and even HTML.