In the eventuality that you have been working on a project for quite some time and you have made numerous modifications to the original schematic, then there is a fair chance that the quantities of the materials used have also changed.

While you can try to extract the material quantities from the various more or less updated documents, a simpler solution would be to use a specialized tool for the task. PriMus-TO is a handy piece of software that enables you to get the quantities and materials directly from the CAD image you are working with.

Even though it is not exactly quick, the setup is uneventful and you do not need to make further configurations. Upon launch, you can select the image that contains the data with the materials used for the design and you are ready to start working on your Bill of Quantities.

You will be happy to learn that the app connects the drawing with the Bill of Quantities and hence, any changes made in the latter is automatically updated in the drawing as well. You should know that the utility supports both raster as well as complex CAD images, although the latter is likely to contain the data you need.

While its primary role entails extracting relevant information about the materials and quantities that are going to be used to erect the design, you should know that the program comes with essential CAD drawing commands. Moreover, the app packs the basic estimation functions that you can find in PriMus.

Then again, you should keep in mind that the drawing capabilities of this utility are limited. Consequentially, if you need to make advanced modifications to the design, then you can consider taking advantage of the My CAD editor, a function that enables you to export your image to a more sophisticated software solution.

If you are an architect or an engineer focused on designing a quality project, then PriMus-TO can help you deal with the monotonous and tricky task of extracting the material quantities accurately directly from the image you render.