Using checks to pay your purchases has its pros and cons, as your check can be refused anytime for no reason at all. The good part is that if you are short on cash, you can write a check, then later add money in your bank account, giving you a time window until the check is cashed in.

Checks can be handwritten or printed, the latter giving you a professional touch. You can use Print Checks, a software solution to check printing and editing. The application allows you to create and edit check templates, then print them.

Print Checks helps you personalize your checks, by creating printable templates. You can add labels and expression fields anywhere on your check. Furthermore, you can add certain geometrical shapes, such as rectangle or circles, that can have various color fill options.

In addition, images can be added to your check, that can later be re-sized in order to fit the template you are creating. This feature can help you put a personal touch on your checks, by adding a favorite image to each check file printed.

The application allows you to create a database with your contact details and bank credentials, that can be automatically added to your check. This way, your check template will only need to be filled in with payment values instead of handwritten name and credentials, thus fastening the payment.

Additionally, you can preview the check before printing it, in order to get a better view on how your check sheets will look like. You can go back and edit the template in case you do not like something about your output template.

Print Checks allows users to fasten their check payments, by creating and saving custom check templates, then printing them.