Print HTML ActiveX DLL is a useful tool that has been developed to provide absolute control over document printing operations from client and server computers running Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. Part of its purpose is to ensure the consistent formatting and appearance of printed output from any local or networked printer, regardless of the printing attributes already set in that computer's browser.

Print HTML ActiveX DLL applies a document author's desired attributes -- header, footer, margins, orientation etc. -- at the time of printing browser window or framed content, but then automatically restores all default settings and makes no other permanent changes.

Print HTML ActiveX DLL offers a broad choice of printing options, including the ability to target (where known) a particular printer, paper source and paper type & size for simplex or duplex printing. It also enables the printing of documents stored in remote locations, which can be queued for printing without having to be rendered in the user's browser.

A basic subset of Print HTML ActiveX DLL printing functionality -- header & footer settings, printed orientation, coarse control of margins and a browser window/frame printing command -- is available at no charge, and is freely distributable. Advanced printing functionality is not free. Print HTML ActiveX DLL-enabled documents need to refer to a valid publishing license in order for advanced printing to work.

An archive containing both the 'free' control and an evaluation publishing license which will let you test all of Print HTML ActiveX DLL' advanced capabilities from file:// or from http://localhost/ is available here. Existing licensees can also download and deploy the latest build from this archive at no additional charge.

Here are some key features of "Print HTML ActiveX DLL for Windows":

■ Using on Client side or Server side.

■ You can insert then Print HTML ActiveX Control in your program, written in a language, which supports ActiveX automation .

■ Easy to modify the printer setting for your HTML printing.

■ You do not need to pop up printer dialog box before you print a HTML page