The Printer Spooler Repair Analyzer application was designed to be a small tool that takes care of your USB spool jam problem fast and with just a few easy clicks of your mouse! There's nothing to install and nothing to edit!

Anyone can use this powerful utility without any real knowledge of printers or computers, however computer technicians love our Printer Spooler Repair Utility on-site wherever they go because it can run directly from a usb drive! It's that portable!

No complicated or messy installations required! It's small, powerful, easy to use and it works in SECONDS! Don't pay $34.99 or more for out-of-warranty overseas technical support EVERY TIME it happens! It even works with Lexmark USB printers!

Not every program can do everything 100% and we are fully aware of this fact! There may be extremely rare circumstances that your problem doesn't go away after using the Printer Spooler Repair Utility. This is where most handy utilities would shrug their shoulders and say "Oh well...tough luck!