Some folders are just too large and have too many subfolders for you to scan and index. It is considered good practice to use an application that can index all the files and subfolders contained by a folder.

PrintFolders is a reliable and easy to use application that allows you to scan a specific folder, then save all the information found in a TXT or HTML file.

The application can parse a certain folder, then store all the information obtained in a TXT file. By default, the information contains file names, extensions, size, time and date created. You can also add other fields, such as information about ID3 tags, 4DOS description files or full folder paths.

Furthermore, you can select the depth level at which the program will scan through subfolders. This feature helps you search files fast, without having to go through all the subfolders of a certain folder.

In addition, you can filter the files scanned, in order to narrow your search. You can search files either by their filename or by extensions. This way, you can only scan for specific files, ignoring the others found.

PrintFolders allows you to save all the information collected in TXT or HTML files, the latter offering extensive text settings.

You can set background colors for your page, header or title. In addition you can change the color of your table and texts, thus differentiating plain texts from links.

PrintFolders helps you index all the files and subfolders located within a certain folder, by parsing it and saving the collected data in a TXT or HTML file. You can perform file searches and conduct researches on your folder, in order to find out how many different files you have in each one.