It is quite natural that you are uneasy about having your sensitive data examined by unauthorized individuals, even though this might happen accidentally. But when these persons turn into attackers who plan on extorting you by sending you ransomware you cannot otherwise get rid of, things become grimmer.

And since we all want to avoid this kind of situations, turning to dedicated applications to keep us out of harm’s way is a wise choice. Privacy Protech is one of the many software solutions that offer to keep an eye on your PC and make sure your identity is not exposed to any risks.

There are two main purposes the program serves: it works as a password manager, and it can scan your PC for malware and ransomware.

Let’s take one thing at a time and see how it fares as a password manager. Adding new passwords is a breeze, and you can do that without leaving the dashboard. You simply need to type in your credentials, and the program is even supposed to open any of these accounts in the browser. We say “it is supposed to” because it actually can’t – or at least not during our tests.

Another weird thing is that the app does not actually allow you to edit your passwords, even though there is an option dedicated to that. One more downside is related to the fact that it does not seem to be able to identify unsafe passwords – we used a blatantly weak password such as “123.”

As for how Privacy Protech can check your computer for ransomware, things are pretty straightforward. You first need to decide whether you want to carry out a quick or a full scan, then remove all the malicious files. It should also be pointed out that computer, mail, hacker, private data, and payments protection is provided, and your webcam and microphone can also benefit from an extra layer of security.

Real-time protection can be enabled so that you don’t accidentally stumble upon infected content, and scanning suspicious files via drag and drop is an option as well.

All in all, Privacy Protech is an intuitive program designed to minimize the risks your sensitive data is exposed to. It first and foremost works as a password manager, but it comes with its downsides, and given the nature of the data it stores, it is quite peculiar that you don’t need a master password in order to access the program.

Aside from that, it can scan your PC for various types of ransomware and malware, but we were unable to see if it actually can remove any infected file, given the limitations of the demo edition. Overall, its performance could use some improvements, and what seemed particularly annoying to us was the fact that the app was always on top of other windows, which was too intrusive for our taste. But we’ll keep an eye on this program, and perhaps it will benefit from further enhancements in the future.

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