When they launched Windows 10, Microsoft also included a tracking function so that they could monitor the browsing behavior and other aspects related to the user experience.

It was later revealed that this function was also included in other operating systems, and the only way to prevent Microsoft from keeping track of your habits is to rely on third-party apps. Such a solution is Privacy Protector for Windows 10.

Despite its name, the application can be run on computers running not only editions of Windows 10 but also Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

The graphic interface is straightforward and highly intuitive, which means that it can be used even by those with very little computer skills. However, it is best if they go for the recommended configuration if they are not entirely sure about their actions.

Nonetheless, it is advisable for all users to create a restore point before applying any changes to their OS, so they can restore it to a previous state if anything goes wrong.

There are many tweaks you can apply to your computer, such as denying access to your contacts, calendar, camera, location info or sensors.

You can also block Cortana, WiFi Sense or Bing Search, along with Windows Defender or Office updates. OneDrive and its corresponding file synchronization can be deactivated as well.

Additionally, you get to prevent your drivers from receiving automatic updates with only a single mouse click.

Another nifty feature of Privacy Protector for Windows 10 is uninstalling Metro apps, which can come in handy if you do not use them on a regular basis. As such, you can remove Xbox app, Camera, 3D Builder, Mail, Calendar, Voice Recorder or Solitaire Collection.

All in all, this utility can help you make sure that no type of data is being sent from your computer without your prior approval.